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Currently, we have 507 original & classical monologues.

"Thanks in advance - the site was most helpful - in fact, I was recently accepted at an acting school in London after reciting one of David Ripley's pieces!" - Jed Staton (East Sussex, GB)

About Us

The Monologue Shop is a dynamic and growing collection of original and classical writings, a monthly subscription service created for actors ages 17 and up in need of material for class-work and auditions.

Our goal is to provide a wealth of new and exciting performance material for actors to work with for the purposes of developing and honing their skills or displaying their talent. We are also providing a platform for writers to present an aspect of their work rarely seen by itself: the monologue. Already featured are some of the finest works of extremely talented writers. We also have a well-annotated and ready-to-work Shakespeare library and a budding collection of newly translated Molière! For $6.95 a month (less than the price of a paperback play) performers can now instantly access hundreds of theatrical monologues, without the frustration of trying to schedule enough time to go searching through bookstores and libraries. And we are committed to continually adding more and more contemporary and innovative works every month to our inventory, not to mention our constant efforts to enlarge our collection of classical pieces. Click to our Visitors Page and see for yourself. Check out the writing. Then sign up for an adventure in acting material you've only ever dreamed about.

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