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Drama - F - 17 to 29

Author: Castellano, Deborah


Do you know what I dream about at night? I dream of you. Lying naked on a bed of white satin . . .then I take out an Exacto knife and part your chest open. I watch your blood spill out over the sheets. I lift your heart out of its cavity. Do you know anything about ancient Aztec ritual, Helene? No? They believed that if you ate your enemy's heart, you would gain their strength. I would suck on your heart's veins. Run my tongue through your arteries. Feel your blood rush through mine. (pause) He doesn't love you, you know. When he's fucking you, he's smelling my perfume. Feeling my soft skin beneath his fingertips. Whispering my name so softly you can't quite hear it. He'll leave you, you know. For someone younger and prettier than even you. He believed your lies about me because he's weak. That's where we're different. I'm a warrior. When he leaves you, you'll just be broken. Poor Helene who lost her house, her dog, and her mind in the divorce settlement. But would that be enough? Would it be enough to appease me? Would it be enough blood money for your betrayal? Your eye for my eye, your heart for my heart? What do you think, Helene?

Definitions & Notes
Editor's note: the writer has left a lot of the who, what, when, where and why up to you. Just remember to keep the stakes high.

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