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Drama - F - 20 to 39

Author: Ripley, David

(In the hospital, ANN talks to her THERAPIST)

For one thing, the sounds are all backwards. And Glen, my husband, he doesn't hear them so there's no point asking him any questions. You're just going to get him more confused. I wish you'd just leave him alone. And secondly, the figure eights are only in the bathroom and I've said this a million times. I mean it's so funny what you people want to talk about. I remember when I was a little girl we had this family doctor who used to ask the same kind of questions. He had this dusty little office down by the Elks Club and my father used to take me there when I wasn't doing so well. You could see the whole town from the window in his waiting room. The dirty streets. The flashing red light above the main intersection. The migrant pickers and all the trucks full of strawberries. You probably didn't know this, but strawberries are a member of the rose family and if you pick enough of them your hands will bleed. One time on the drive back home my father pulled over. He never spoke to me and I never spoke to him. I put the tip of my nose against the cold glass of the passenger window and watched him walk out into the fields. Here was this beautiful man standing there in the mist. Crying. And then off in the distance a bright yellow crop dusting plane drops out of the sky and glides silently across the horizon. And my father looks at me and points to the plane and he tries to smile. He tried to share with me. Glen is the same way. Now, there are spiders and there are figure eights. I've seen the figure eights in the bathroom, in the mirror and on the tiles in the shower. And your guess is as good as mine. I'm not even sure it's worth talking about. Just stay out of the bathroom. I piss in the kitchen sink and I shit in plastic bags and that's the way it goes. I work around the problems as they arise.

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