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AMARA - DEITER OLBRYCH: Johnny Jakes - Deiter Olbrych
Comedy - M - 20 to 29

Author: Podgorski, Leigh

(Young actor DEITER OLBRYCH, in his twenties confronts playwright EVA JANEK about rewrites for his character in the play within the play, DANCE WITH DEATH.)

Eva! Eva! There you are! I've been looking all over for you. Have you got the rewrites? Gwynne told me you were going to change the ending. That now, instead of Johnny slicing Mary open with a knife, he's going to smash her brains out with the firepoker. Oh, God, Eva, that's brilliant. Absolutely brilliant playwrighting. I mean, the whole piece is brilliant, of course, what else could it be, I think it's going to make my career, actually, but this latest idea, this is absolutely smashing. What took you so long to come up with it? No, no, I understand. I mean, writing a play, I could never even attempt it. Well, maybe I could. But the firepoker. Wow. That's exactly who Johhny Jakes is. Savage. Wild. Out of control. When Gwynne told me you were going to change the ending, Eva, I was so excited, I couldn't sleep. All last night, I tossed and turned, the images just flying at me so fast, I couldn't stop them. I couldn't turn them off. God! What drama! Picture it. The stage, splattered with blood. Me, splattered with blood. I enter for my curtain call, exhausted, spent, covered with blood. I bow. Barely able to move from the exhaustion. The crowd goes wild. Oh, Eva, Johnny has just got to bludgeon Mary to death with that firepoker!

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