The Writers
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Classical Contributors
Balzac, Honore De
Fletcher, John
Hofmansthal, Hugo von
Marivaux, Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de
Molière, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin de
Racine, Jean
Regnard, Jean-François
Rostand, Edmond
Schnitzler, Arthur
Shakespeare, William
Zola, Emile

Original Contributors
Castellano, Deborah
Gilbert-Hill, Richard
Lindsay, Barbara
Podgorski, Leigh
Ripley, David
Thomas, Freyda

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About the Writers

The Writers who post their work with The Originals Library represent a wide spectrum of styles and experience:

First, we have The Prime Writers, veterans of stage, film and/or television, who are contributing large numbers of monologues each so as to help launch and expand The Library.

Second, are The Guest Writers. These are writers, or actor/writers, who submit their monologues to us for consideration. Our standards are high, but we expect the guest contributions to be exciting and extraordinary, their voices coming from all over the world.

As The Monologue Shop grows, we will actively search for and encourage more and more writers to post their work with us, always with an eye to service the needs of the actors. It is also our goal to continually increase the variety of material based on age, race and cultural needs, along with more monologues utilizing dialects and historical periods.

Also, the writers in The Classical Collection will be names you recognize... and maybe some you don't. Certainly, we will have every monologue we can glean from the plays of William Shakespeare and Molière. We already have pieces from the works of Jean-François Regnard, John Fletcher, Edmund Rostand, and ancient Greek author Euripides. In time, we will add other names to this illustrious list: Christopher Marlowe, Ben Johnson, John Webster, Lope de Vega, Pedro Calderon, George Fahquar, Richard Sheridan, Oliver Goldsmith, and many, many more.

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