The Writers
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Classical Contributors
Balzac, Honore De
Fletcher, John
Hofmansthal, Hugo von
Marivaux, Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de
Molière, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin de
Racine, Jean
Regnard, Jean-François
Rostand, Edmond
Schnitzler, Arthur
Shakespeare, William
Zola, Emile

Original Contributors
Castellano, Deborah
Gilbert-Hill, Richard
Lindsay, Barbara
Podgorski, Leigh
Ripley, David
Thomas, Freyda
Shakespeare, William

William Shakespeare had a vocabulary of some 30,000 words, many of them making their first appearance with his writings, such as: Accommodation, dislocate, obscene, reliance, and submerged, to name a few. Quotes from his plays are innumerable and deeply inbedded into our everyday life, such as: fast and loose, truth will out, refuse to budge an inch, fair play, high time, flesh and blood, and many, many, many more. Not to mention his incredible stories and amazing characters. He's the Boss. He's the Man. In our business, he's the one we should all be grateful for.

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