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Classical Contributors
Balzac, Honore De
Fletcher, John
Hofmansthal, Hugo von
Marivaux, Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de
Molière, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin de
Racine, Jean
Regnard, Jean-François
Rostand, Edmond
Schnitzler, Arthur
Shakespeare, William
Zola, Emile

Original Contributors
Castellano, Deborah
Gilbert-Hill, Richard
Lindsay, Barbara
Podgorski, Leigh
Ripley, David
Thomas, Freyda
Regnard, Jean-François

Jean-François Regnard, whose bust sits in the lobby of the Comèdie Française, wrote his body of work at the end of the 17th century, on the heels of the man he worshipped, Molière. His most popular play, Le Legataire Universel, (The Heir Transparent), which launched the 18th century theater season, shows the tremendous influence Molière had on M. Regnard. Although a lesser playwright compared to the French Bard, his work, long neglected, is seeing a rennaissance, thanks to Freyda Thomas, who has brought two of his plays to the American stage for the first time. Regnard's other important work, Le Joueur (The Gamester), while darker and less farcical than ...Heir, is an excellent mirror for the gambling mania that pervades modern America. Both plays feature excellent classical monologues for men and women, young and mature.

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